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Daveys Newest Collection Inspiring Words

July 18th, 2017

Daveys Newest Collection  Inspiring Words

North shore based photography artist; Sean Davey has his hands in a lot of different approaches to his beloved craft of photography. One such collection came together purely out of inspiration recently. Sean gathered up a few dozen images which he felt were visually inspiring and he added a simple word of inspiration to each and thus, the Inspiring Words collection came forth. These pictures are generally intended to inspire people or give them a slight positive boost as they go about their day. Enjoy!

A Career Of Magazine Covers

November 11th, 2012

A Career Of Magazine Covers

For as long as Sean can remember, the magazine cover has always been the most prized achievement of any photographer who regularly shoots for or contributes to magazines. The cover is the holy grail. That's the picture that sells that magazine for a month. Since his first cover back in the late 80's, Sean has managed to garner up more than 140 magazine covers from all over the world, in countries as far and wide as Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Japan, France, England, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Switzerland and more. A large number of them shown here in this collection. Over the past several years in particular, Sean has also become very well known outside of magazine circles for his very high quality art canvas's and prints. Do take the time and enjoy the selection that Sean has made available to Fine Art America here: